Thursday, June 12, 2008

BLAT sandwich

Next time, I need to add some sprouts, so it is a BLAST sandwich, which sounds more appetizing. Anyway, it has hearty whole grain bread, veggie bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado, with a thin layer of vegennaise. Not pictured: yummy sweet potato fries as a side dish.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


I was going to go out for the expensive brunch I have been eating most Sunday's lately. It isn't ridiculously expensive--it's downright cheap when you think of all you get, including many vegan goodies--but it's certainly more expensive than I could make at home. And, it's fun to break out my cookbooks and make food the way I like, and feed my friends and family.

I didn't make anything new today, unless you count the smoothies, which are slightly different every time I make them. This time they had orange juice, bananas, frozen mixed berries, frozen mangoes, frozen raspberries and a fresh peach. I had forgotten how much I like fruit smoothies--the main point of this offering was to make sure there was at least one thing the children would consume without complaining! I served them in ice cream sundae dishes to make them even more fun.

We also had blue flannel hash from Veganomicon, and the asparagus and sun-dried tomato frittata from Vegan with a Vengeance. I've made both of these recipes before, so I wasn't surprised that they turned out awesome. We had a little bit of veggie bacon brought by my friend, some banana bread with carob chips made by another friend (given to me after she spent the day watching my daughter, which is probably a bit backwards, not that I am complaining!), and some grapes to round out the meal. We had some good conversation about books while we ate, and everyone had a great time. We are definitely going to do this again.

Here is an aerial view of our brunch, picture by my friend Andrea:

Here is my plate of yummy brunch goodness. See how the stem on the grapes looks like a big preying mantis? (No actual bugs were harmed during the making of this brunch ;-))

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The crazy end of school is over. I went to Jefferson City with the 4th grade, I volunteered at the kindergarten birthday party, I assisted in the frantic search for library books, I got a certification of my own, and I generally was so busy we collapsed in exhaustion at the end of every day. I did take some food pictures, but I don't have them with me, so I will have to post them later.

What I do have this week is an actual menu plan! I am feeling pretty proud of myself on this one. I have even brought my lunch to work every day so far this week. Here it is, my not terribly inpired, but still, complete, plan.

Sunday: soy cheese pizza, fruit

Monday: lunch--leftover pizza, strawberries, dark chocolate
dinner--BBQ at my dad's; I brought a Boca burger, and he had steamed broccoli and corn on the cob

Tuesday: lunch--not vegan; Trader Joe's Thai tuna curry with a boxed pilaf mix with lots of different whole grains, orange, apple
dinner--garbanzo beans and spinach cooked in Trader Joe's curry simmer sauce with some plain soy milk, brown basmati rice simmered with Bombay saffron rice spice from World Market, fruit juice (orange peach mango, I think)

Wednesday: lunch--leftover curry, apple, orange
dinner--macaroni and cheeze, steamed broccoli and cauliflower

Thursday: lunch--leftover mac and chz, or frozen pad thai from Trader Joe's, strawberries, pear, leftover veggies
dinner--veggie and tofu fried rice, oranges

Friday: lunch--I may go out this day, I think, or leftovers
dinner--okay, I only planned until Thursday, you caught me...

Thursday is payday, so I just decided to get that far and then make new plans. The end of school is expensive! We may go out on Friday and then head to the Farmer's Market on Saturday.

After this weekend, the kids go to their dad's house for 2 weeks. I will need an easy plan for that time, to guard against eating out for every meal, which is really expensive! Also, not so healthy. So, I need a plan with healthy stuff that is easy to make. Maybe some cooking ahead? I am going to think on this for a bit and see what I can come up with. Let me know if you have any suggestions.