Tuesday, October 30, 2007

World Vegan Day

This Thursday, 11/1/07, is World Vegan Day. I found out on the message boards at LibraryThing just now, so I don't have any plans as yet, but I think I will try to be as vegan as I can on Thursday. This could present a slight shoe problem, as I think my brown winter shoes are leather, but I will see what I can do.

I did send an email to the people that attend the vegetarian potluck here at work, but I haven't heard back from anyone yet. But, I don't think I ever mentioned how cool my vegetarian potluck group is. We meet once a month for lunch, and the group is open to anyone who wants to attend, but there is a core group of about 6 of us that have been coming the whole time, which is 2 or 3 years now. We are not all vegetarians, but obviously we all have some interest in vegetarianism. Of those of us who do not eat meat, there is a lot of going back and forth between meat-eating and vegetarianism. We have graduated beyond a lunch group to a group of friends, with field trips out to area restaurants outside of work, and even one dinner at a member's house. I am planning on inviting everyone over when I finish unpacking (note to self: get cracking!). One group member was even one of my biggest helpers with my move this summer. I think it is so awesome that we got together just to share good food, and we have grown beyond that to real friends. And, once a month I am guaranteed a great lunch at work!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Skinny Bitch

Copying from my book blog, because it is relevant here:

71. Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

This was an interesting book on the benefits of the vegan diet. On the one hand, I liked the way they tried to take some of the mainstream stigma away from a vegan diet with their tough-love tone and complete lack of "crunchiness." I don't have a problem with alternative lifestyle stuff, but it was nice to read a book with straightforward, practical reasons for veganism, not the kind of touchy-feely stuff that turns off a lot of people, or strident, disapproving activism. Not that they were shy about talking about the abuse of animals that occurs on factory farms and in slaughterhouses, but they did it in a more informational tone than a condemning one. On the other hand, their use of profanity was gratuitous and over the top. Overall, though, I enjoyed this short book, which had a nice balance of information on why people should change and practical tips to make the change.


I am still having a hard time staying away from eggs, and eating fish does still make it easier to eat out, but I am trying to make sure I am at least not overdoing it. I still try to eat totally vegan for most of the time. Maybe I should cut it all out, but I figure almost vegan is better than not at all vegan. The book was helpful in strengthening my resolve at least somewhat. I was starting to think about how much easier life would be if I could eat at my parents' house (translation, if I ate meat), but I am not thinking about that any more. So, at least it is helping to keep me from sliding any further.