Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving meal

I love having people over for meals. I rarely have my family over, because they are suspicious of my food. I am slowly winning them over though. And they are big into food that someone else cooks, especially at Thanksgiving time, so I was able to get them over to my new house today for a big meal. My dad did make a turkey out on the grill, though. But that is a small concession to make, I suppose. I didn't eat any of it, and they were happy to have it.

Here's a picture of the meal, except for the garlic roasted brussels sprouts, the turkey and the double-layer pumpkin cheesecake:

The potatoes were mashed with Earth balance and Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream, the sweet potato casserole was based on this recipe from Fat-Free Vegan, and I got the cranberry orange sauce recipe on Rachael Ray's website, although I added a bit of Grand Marnier to mine at the end. The stuffing recipe is the same one I make every year, although this year I left the raisins out in the hope that it would be more appealing to my mom that way. She did try it, but still thought it was weird; hey, at least she tried. Oh, and I also made the dill dip in the same post with the stuffing, but that was pretty well demolished by the time I took my picture.

Here's a picture of my plate, with all the yummy stuff:

So, by switching my dessert (from the pecan pie of last year), I managed to go completely vegan this year. I thought about making some kind of replacement for the turkey, but there was really plenty of food; I didn't miss it.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Susan G said...

It's so funny that your family is suspicious of your food. So is mine - what exactly are they afraid of, anyway? That we might sneak some (gasp) tofu in there?

What did you think of that pumpkin pie? I almost made that one, but instead made the Pumpkin Cheezecake from 'Just the Food," which was awesome.

Susan said...

I have no idea what they are so afraid of, really, ;-). I think they just don't like change.

The pumpkin cheesecake was awesome. I had to keep myself from attacking it face-first this morning, actually. I am practicing some restraint, but I am inviting friends over to help me eat it so that I don't eat it all by tomorrow. I need to check out the recipe you used, too. For my friends' Thanksgiving next week, I am already planning on pumpkin bread pudding and cranberry upside down cake from urban vegan, but I could maybe add another dessert...